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Did your baby feel big?


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10-Apr-08 4:05 pm

I was induced with DS at 38 weeks, well he came out 5.5lbs, WASN'T 38 weeks obviously. My u/s always measured off but I guess my dr. never paid enough attention to change my due date.

I am really nervous this time around because I have no idea when I got pregnant, I had a dating u/s at 12 weeks and she measured 12 weeks 1 day. I am assuming that is accurate??????? I had another at 19 weeks and she measured I think 3 days behind. I am now 36+ weeks and I am starting to get nervous, everyone is telling me how tiny I am. The baby doesn't FEEL big if that makes sense, she still feels really small in there. I have an u/s Monday to check her weight because I have to have a c/s at 39 weeks (insurance policy)- I am nervous though beacause these can be off I do NOT want another tiny, early baby. My question is this--- did you know by the way your stomach felt, looked how big your baby was going to be????

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