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20-Mar-08 2:42 pm

Hello everyone!

I am here because I was referred to this site to ask a question I have regarding the gender of my baby in the ultrasounds I had done. I am really hoping I can find the feedback I need.

Congratulations to all you mommys to be like me out there!

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20-Mar-08 11:31 pm

 hello and welcomeHugs Violet

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21-Mar-08 2:11 pm

 Welcome to the site - hope we can help out with any questions and concerns you might have.

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21-Mar-08 4:19 pm


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22-Mar-08 10:18 am
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22-Mar-08 10:19 am

Welcome! Glad to have you here.Happy Smile


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22-Mar-08 10:21 am

WelcomeWelcome -- cute avatar!!

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