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Please check the predictions track sheet


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16-Mar-08 11:37 am

 I think it is time to update this.

If your information is wrong or you want to be added respond in this thread and I will make changes to the spreadsheet.




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21-Mar-08 10:25 am

HOw do you view this spreadsheet??? Thanks so much....Has anyone used the ebay lady Shonna, I did the other day, seemed pretty accurate only $10.00, i'm not sure of her link but just search ebay under angel_guided_readings.....hope this helps!!

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21-Mar-08 8:31 pm

Hi! Can you please add me? For my first pregnancy, I used Cheri, and she said girl. She was wrong, I had a boy. Reedus correctly predicted boy.

For my current pregnancy, Cheri says girl (she said she got the order mixed up, LOL) and Reedus says girl, too. I'll update when baby is born and we know for sure! :) 

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