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Baby's Born With Hair Question

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6-Mar-08 6:46 am

just curious

I wondered if there is anything special to eat to ensure baby has some hair when they are born??  Both my boys had some hair when they were born - is it something in the genes??  i would love to have another baby with lots of hair!! 

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6-Mar-08 6:56 am

I doubt that you can affect how much a baby has hair when it's born by diet...but I can say that DS1 did not have very much (different dad) and DS2, DS3 did have a lot of hair (almost a ponytails worth in the back). 

The only dietary difference was ice cream and LOTS of it with the hairier ones.  DS1 I didn't have it as much.  But...they have different Dad's and genetically...I don't know.  Now, DS1 has some of the most beautiful hair you have ever seen...full head of wavy gorgeous hair.  So, if baby is born bald as's OK!!!  Happy  LOL

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6-Mar-08 8:32 am

That's funny...I ate SO much ice cream with my first pregnancy and he was balder than bald.  I didn't eat hardly any w/ second DS and he had much more hair...go figure!! 


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6-Mar-08 8:41 am

All of my kids had a lot of hair at birth.  I would just assume that if your other babies had hair, this one would too?  Has anyone had a mix of bald babies and hair babies?

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6-Mar-08 8:51 am

I personally had so much hair when I was born that they clipped a bow in it before taking me to my mom.  I just assumed I'd give birth to little hairy gorillas because of this, but nope.  My kids had hair, but not a whole lot!


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6-Mar-08 8:57 am

 No, it's a genetic thing.  Some have it, some don't. I didn't have a lot of hair when I was born, but boy did I ever make up for it later. I've had super thick hair since I was a toddler.

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6-Mar-08 9:16 am

The only thing I do know is that a few months back I read in parents magazine that the old wives tale of heartburn and hairy babies is true.  They did a study and found that the more heartburn...and the worse it was, the greater the chance is for hairy babies.  This rang true for me.  With my first son, I had heartburn and he had hair (but lost it all by 2 months) and with my second heartburn...and he was bald.  I had the most horrid heartburn with dd...I mean...I popped Tums like candy...and she was born with long hair...I mean it went passed her neck.  To this day (shes a year) she had really long hair for a 1 year old!

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6-Mar-08 9:30 am

 The heartburn and ice cream thing was true for me.  I think the ice cream had more to do with the fact that it helped relieve the heartburn!  I would literally have a milkshake EVERY night with dd#2 because of all the heartburn.  She was born with a TON of hair.  The nurses said she had the most hair they had ever seen.  She was the spectacle at the nursery the entire time she was there.  At the shift changes all the nurses would come in to see that "baby with all the hair"! LOL.  DD#1 had hair, but not tons.  I had some h/b with her, but not lots.  

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6-Mar-08 10:08 am

I didn't have heartburn with ds #1 and he was a baldy. So cute!! I had heartburn with ds #2 and he had a bit of hair. I was born with hair and dh was a baldy. I always thought it was genetic.

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6-Mar-08 10:09 am
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6-Mar-08 10:29 am

I think its in the genes too. both my kids were little gorilla babiesStick out tongue  The nurse asked me if I was Hispanic because she said Hispanic babies usually have lots of hair.

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6-Mar-08 2:56 pm

I was born with TONS of black hair and so were all of my kids.  I never once experience HB with any of them.  My sister, on the other hand, was born bald...her first dd had lots of dark hair, but her 2nd dd had none.  She had bad HB with BOTH.  I really do think genetics is what determines hair or no hair.

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6-Mar-08 6:05 pm


That's funny...I ate SO much ice cream with my first pregnancy and he was balder than bald.  I didn't eat hardly any w/ second DS and he had much more hair...go figure!! 

Awe man! If that's any indication, maybe this little girl will be a bald baby, because I eat ice cream A LOT!

But both my boys had a decent amount of hair, they just ended up with different hair genes all together because my seconds is like his uncles, grows close to his head and clings, and my first son's is just like their daddys sticks straight up, but is manageable. I think it's pretty much based on genes. Plus baby hair often falls out sometime after birth, so maybe it's not worth stressing over.

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6-Mar-08 6:18 pm

 My first two boys were bald...NO heartburn!

My last boy had tons of hair...LOTS of heartburn!  

I think it's definitely DNA, because my first two boys are blond/blue eyed and this one is brown/brown eyed!  Same DH with all three! 

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6-Mar-08 6:20 pm
My DS#1 was blonde & BALD. My DS#2 was dark & a GORILLA!! I don’t believe it was anything I did or ate. I was so shocked when I saw how much hair DS#2 had. I’m hoping to have another gorilla one dayHappy Wink

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