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It's a boy

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3-Mar-08 5:52 pm

we had a quick peek on Sat and this babe is all blue!!! who else has had an u/s?



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3-Mar-08 8:30 pm

CONGRATULATIONS!! 3 little boys is going to be so much fun!!! i must have missed it... but i didnt even know you were pg again!!! CONGRATULATIONS on that too!!! Happy  LOL

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hoping for BFPs for all my IG girls!..... lets see those second lines!!!

Bump it B!tches! you know you want to!

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3-Mar-08 8:37 pm

Congrats Mandy!  Any names picked out??

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3-Mar-08 9:15 pm

Congrats on your little man!!!

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5-Mar-08 9:48 am

congrats on blue, maybe you can send some of that blue dust this way. Had my U/S but couldn't get a good gender shot, although tech said she thought she seen 3 lines and 2 min later she thought she seen scrotum (just enough to give us hope for another month) My next u/s is mar.20th, i'm due aug 3

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5-Mar-08 6:43 pm

Congrats! im due in august too and im also having a boy!!

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6-Mar-08 8:54 pm

Found out today we are having our third boy as well.


Posted his pics in the u/s section.

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8-Mar-08 10:17 pm

I am also having a boy.  Boy #7!  I also have 1 dd-she is my oldest.

My edd is Aug 11.


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8-Mar-08 11:53 pm

 Congrats Mandy!  Welcome to the "Three boys" (or more!) club!   It seems like there's a lot of us around here lately!

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