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In theory only...what is the age that...

little girly shoes

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25-Feb-08 3:29 pm

you would feel comfortable having your last child by and why???

Just curious what everyone thinks...

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25-Feb-08 3:36 pm

 It officially was 32. I want kids gone by the time I'm 50. Meaning able to move out of the house.

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Just Me

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25-Feb-08 4:09 pm

My husbands 'cut off' age is 35 .. That's just the age he's always wanted to be done having kids by ... sinec he is older than I am, then by default my age when he is 35 is my cut off also. 


But, this baby is definitely our last .. so the cut off came a bit sooner than expected lol .. not by much but sooner none-the-less  

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Au 79

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25-Feb-08 7:45 pm

oh no! i didnt know this was something i needed to be thinking about!!!!Confused

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25-Feb-08 7:50 pm

I never really had a cut-off age, but it would have been 35 if asked.  Look at me now, I will have just turned 38 when this one is born.  I'll be 68 when it's 30, better start looking after myslef a little better if I still want to be kicking!  Oh crap, I shouldn't have answered this post!

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25-Feb-08 10:39 pm

I really wish that I had my two youngest ones earlier.  I never really thought about an age cutoff, but I do not like being the "older mom" in groups of moms.  I also hate when my kids teachers are younger than me!

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25-Feb-08 10:43 pm

My cutoff is 30, because my husband has a lot of mental disabilites in his familiy.

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26-Feb-08 10:27 am

i always said i wanted 4 kids by the time i was 30.  now, i'm 36 and thinking about MAYBE one more.  MAYBE.

Anissa :)

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Tutu cute!

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26-Feb-08 10:47 am

I never wanted kids young (we married when I was 25 and DH was 29) and had our first when I was 33. (DH wanted to start earlier, but I wanted to wait). Had I known I was going to have 2 BOYS then I would have started much earlier, b/c god-willing we get pregnant, I will be almost 38 when she is born.  

Now if it takes awhile to get pregnant w/our last, then my cut-off would be 40. My theory is, I'm already an "old" mom now, what's a few more year, right? Happy Giggle 

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little girly shoes

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26-Feb-08 10:57 am

I am 38 now.  I always thought that since I had a good amount of kids before 40, why push it and try for anything at 40 or beyound, but you know what I just might!  I've never miscarried, I always get pregnant the first month, and my kids are all healthy and I've had healthy pregnancies, of course all this can't last forever but I may give it one more try later.

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26-Feb-08 12:50 pm
I am 40 and pregnant. This will probably be the last for DH and myself.

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little girly shoes

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26-Feb-08 1:07 pm

Awesome, Mrs. Maya!  Congratulations!

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26-Feb-08 1:20 pm

I'm not an older mom, so I shouldn't be in here.  Embarrassed  I just wanted to chime in with my My Two Cents.  I always said I wanted to be done before DD1 turned 8.  I don't know why?  But she will be 5 next month, so that only gives me 3 years.  If I wasn't done before DD1 was 8, I wanted to be done before I turned 30...which won't be for another 4 1/2 years.  We'll see though.   

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26-Feb-08 1:21 pm

EEEk, horrible thought.  I guess 35? I'm 28 now.  Scarey to think that's only 7 years left and I want another 3 (ideally girl, boy, girl) we shall see

by the way, my own mother was 38 when she had me and we are exceptionally close.  She was 65 yesterday and beautiful, young and funky still.  So, I guess, age really is just a number.

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26-Feb-08 1:44 pm

 Am I the only one that worries about being done having kids too soon?  I'm 29, and if all goes well might have my last at 30.  I think by the time I get to my mid-late thirties I might be wishing I had one a little later (since that will be when everyone I know finally gets around to having kids!).

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