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should i stop participating at Facebook?

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7-Aug-12 8:18 am


I've been away for a few weeks but read this and had to write. I stopped going on FB a couple of months ago and it was cleansing for my soul. It really makes me be much less affected when I'm not on all the time. I recently got back from a trip, and the most gorgeous photo was taken of my dh and 3 boys, of them on the beach all in white. I decided to go on FB and post it and it got soooo many wonderful responses, made me feel amazing! I then took about 10 minutes to post some nice things to some of the people who commented photos. Then I got off and haven't been back on. There is no rule that says I have to be on fb all the time, that I have to know what everyone on fb is doing all day- what they ate for breakfast, what their kid got on his/her test at school, where they went on va-ca, etc. The PP who said everyone only shows the best on fb was absolutely right...very few people post about the dirty laundry in their lives. Before I stopped getting on fb, I "hid" all newfeeds from those who sparked any GD in me and that helped a lot! But I will say that the less you are on fb, the less you care about everyone else and their little girls...really!

Just remember, those little girls will one day be teenagers who will be dreaming about and lusting over OUR boys! :) (This is NOT a bash against girls, because that is what teenage girls are supposed to do, as are teenage boys- absolutely nothing wrong with that!) My point is that while you put little girls on a pedestal, those same little girls (unless they are gay etc) will one day be putting our beautiful boys on a pedestal.

And while I'm at it, have we forgotten what beautiful creatures men are? Would we lust after them if they weren't? Beauty is something shared equally between the sexes. We are different (men and women) but equally beautiful and important. This idea of beauty belonging to women/girls is very recent/modern. A few hundred years ago men wore fancier clothes than women...and wore more makeup lol! I have pictures of my late grandfather and father as infants in long white gowns, etc. If you watch Nat Geo or Discovery Channel you'll see in the animal kingdom it's the males who are more beautiful (to attract females)- the males usually have beautiful colors and more feathers, etc. Look at a male lion with his beautiful mane....nothing more gorgeous. I get chills every time I see one, they are breathtaking!

But back to humans lol- I am so very proud to have created 3 beautiful gorgeous little men (and if I had 3 beautiful little girls I'd be saying the same exact thing!). Once you really "get it" that one is truly not better than the other, your GD will lessen a LOT. Mine has. I still have moments because I do still want to experience a girl and I get bitter at those who get both genders easily, but they are just moments and don't consume my day like they used to. Hth!


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