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New Here. Looking into EGS for a Girl

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3-Aug-12 12:25 pm
I have been reading through this site and the forums for the past few days. I'd love to thank all of you for the wonderful discussions and information posted to date, especially Tamara. Tamara, you are amazing, and you've gifted this forum with your time and knowledge. You rock :)

A little about me. I'm 27 and I have 3 wonderful children already. Boy, girl, boy. Both of our boys are on the autism spectrum. One of my half brothers also has autism and my other half brother has aspergers. 2 of my 3 male cousins had learning delays growing up as well. We've decided to TTC for a girl this time, though I will admit the autism is not the only reason. We just really enjoy raising a little girl and our little girl wants a sister.

We will be happy no matter what gender we conceive.

Still, we really want to sway for a girl, and after some thought I've decided if I'm going to sway, I'm going to give it my all and do anything I safely can without driving myself up a wall :)

We are not TTC just this second, however. We plan to start TTC in Late September/Early October. We want to take time to think it through a little more, mentally prepare, discuss what this means for our family, learn all we can about swaying, and do through some "practice" cycles so that I can re-learn my body (I remember I used to have a short luteal phase, but not sure if I do anymore). It sounds like for O+12 it's important to know your cycle well.

In the next few days, I think perhaps I might post my tentative "plan" for critique and suggestions. I want to make sure I fully understand everything I've read here, so feedback at that time would be appreciated.

Before I get started on that, however, I'd like to ask a couple questions.
1) With the rock salt lamp, do I need to worry about sodium? I saw someone mention they are nervous about using one because of the sodium.
2) For the girl diet, how early before I plan to conceive should I start? I'm already loosely following, but I want to make sure I get strict about it in time. Is a month before enough time? (In other words, could I start the diet when I ovulate in September if I want to TTC when I ovulate in October?
3) I want to try at home sorting. Should I do trial runs with this as well? How difficult is it? Can anyone recommend a microscope under $100? (I don't mind paying up to $100 because we home school and will get further use of it for science after this).
4) For supplements (including folic acid!), ions, etc, how far in advance should I start taking these things?
5) How effective is EGS if you participate in all of the 7 factors and do at-home sorting?
6) What is the correct procedure for collecting a sample from DH? Is there more than one way this can effectively be done?

I'm sorry if some of this WAS already covered in the FAQ section, however, some of the links did not bring me to content when I clicked them.

Thank you to anyone willing to offer their time to give a response!
DS1 (2005), DD1 (2006), DS2 (2008) and my SUCCESSFUL sway baby DD2 (due August 2013) !