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Will techs please take a peak and tell me if this is really a girl?!

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2-Aug-12 3:26 pm

This u/s was taken at 18 weeks.   Please let me know if you think this is a boy or girl.   I am considering having another elective u/s because of all the conflicting opinions and don't really want to pay the money.  Your opinions would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!


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15-Aug-12 1:14 pm
Bumping for tech opinions please!   ........ or any opinons really!!!

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27-Aug-12 2:02 pm



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27-Aug-12 2:07 pm

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27-Aug-12 2:16 pm
Sorry Im no tech but my guess is boy :)
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27-Aug-12 2:53 pm
I would say Boy. xx

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27-Aug-12 2:56 pm
Yea I'm gonna go ahead and guess boy too, while I don't see definate scrotum because of the angle it certainly looks more angled and I would expect a swollen clitoris to look
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27-Aug-12 4:07 pm

Thank you ladies so much for your thoughts!   Any more?!  Keep'm coming!!!!

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10-Sep-12 9:42 am


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10-Sep-12 3:25 pm
I agree, would say a boy for you!
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