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31-Jul-12 11:59 am

 Is the IUD safe for people who have endrimitriosis? Will it cause me to be hormonal at all?? It was something I just started thinking about but I read horror stories about it fusing with your tubes and what not and I am just terrified either way. I cant do the pill, I cant do the shot..I cant do anything that requires a lot of hormones...Does the IUD hurt or slip out or anything?? I guess it would be nice to hear it from ppl who have actually used it before rather than random ppl on review sites that I dont even get responses from....I really dont think I want to get fixed...when I told dh we need to know now if we are doing this or not he didnt seem to understand and said well just get fixed and reverse it later cuz he doesnt want one now, he says he does want one later on way later but right now we just cant afford another child and my body wouldnt handle it i def need time to heal so his thoughts were that if i got fixed we wont have an oops....but he doesnt seem to realize that if i get fixed there might not be going back and thats what scares me...i dont want to spend all that money reversing t and then finding out that it wont work now....i would be way more devastated by that then getting another little boy, which I honestly think i would be ok with after the initial shock, I am happy now i have my moments still especially when I see and hear about step children's new sister and the name I had picked origionally for my first little princess...always seems to bring the sting back and i wish i could just forget it but thats hard sometimes...she did it on purpose and i dont ever let her know it hurts me at all but it i really think thats a big part of my gd now I know even if we did have another and was a boy i know i would be happy still...i just need to gurantee that I wont have an oops baby any time soon..and i thnk im scared of that...i dont think dh can handle that...i just dont know i hate this feeling.....