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16w1d potty shot. Could this be a boy?

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29-Jul-12 7:39 pm

Does anyone have an ultrasound picture that is similar and if so what is the babies gender?

I have two Baby Bear Boy Baby Bear Boy already and their shots were both profile shots not potty view.

Any guesses are appreciated!!!

If you have experience with gender determination I'd love to hear what you think about the picture or if it's not a good view/angle for making a determination.

I had a tech scanning the baby and she couldn't find something so she called in another tech to find it which she did. Before she left I asked if they could tell the gender at that stage so the second tech took a look. They were both there and agreed they saw girl parts but the second one did put a question mark in front of her guess. The first tech also said don't go out buying pink stuff just yet. I go back in on July 31st and I'm just wondering if their guess was accurate or if I should get prepared for them to find a boy part Tuesday.

Ultrasound Gender Prediction
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29-Jul-12 7:42 pm
Im not a tech but that doesnt look like my sons. So i will say girl parts (labia)

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29-Jul-12 7:42 pm

Baby Bear Girl?

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29-Jul-12 7:57 pm

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29-Jul-12 9:48 pm
Its not a good potty shot!

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30-Jul-12 1:18 am
Looks a lot like my first girl shots where I was told 90% chance girl. I had another scan the next day and they said girl but im going back for another scan this week to be sure plus my big u/s. I say girl for you but I would def get another scan!
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30-Jul-12 2:44 am

Not great pic but i'm leaning girl, good luck

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30-Jul-12 2:46 am
I only know the basic thing... if it is girl.. its should shows 3 lines as well but what I see.. it not show the whole thing but it may still in process... L/G!

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30-Jul-12 7:28 am
My guess would be a girl, looks more like girly bits than a turtle which was obvious with my 4 boys..... I agree with the techs tho and not buy pink just yet as its not a great shot x :0)
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30-Jul-12 7:56 am
looks like my little girl when i was 18 weeks tho. gl keep us updated
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