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12w4d ultrasound-is it pink or blue,replies greatly appreciated x

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29-Jul-12 6:23 pm

Hi All,

Here is a link to my 12w4day scan-we don't know what we are looking for! Its our first baby & will be equally thrilled with a little girl or boy its just the suspense is kiling us!

We would also be interested in anyones predictions re the skull theory. Thanks & will post the result in 4 weeks time! Also posted on ultrasound sub forum but am very disappointed to have only one reply[:'(]


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30-Jul-12 11:17 am
Not seeing a clear say girly but you still have about a week....anymore pics?

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30-Jul-12 3:53 pm

No these are the only pics we have except for the 9 week ones... I am thinking it looks girly too, getting girl vibes however would the skull theory suggest more boy in 2nd pic? The wait is driving me insane & the pg hormones have made me so impatient... 5 more weeks till we have confirmation. First baby no sway so we will be thrilled with whatever God has blessed us with:) x

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31-Jul-12 4:02 am
i think a boy,my scan pic was similar.i know how much you want to know,i was like that,it was killing me,but this time we decided not to find out,our last baby.
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31-Jul-12 1:47 pm

 Thanks a million Neri, we will be thrilled either way:) the wait really is a killer!! I think maybe the skull is boyish alright but I am getting girly vibes too! Thinking boy moreso though!! Wow well done you waiting till d-day, wish I could do that!! Good luck with your little boy or girl xx

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