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ok, you ALL TOLD ME SO!!!!

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3-Aug-12 7:54 pm
Lol your funny! I had the same fear with having girls, dd1 is all my nightmares come true and dd2 is me made 100 times over in the personality dept but looks like DH and dd1 is my exact genetic clone but with nothing in common with me! Lol! I've embraced it and keep my mouth shut when she's being "such a girl" although it was a full force effort to do. I'm young, and look younger sono hope to get the good comments like you do once I'm older but for now I get the horrid pity looks and all that good stuff, ah well. Like you though at this point is be nervous to have a boy though it's a dream, football games etc but part of me thinks what if he hates sports? So I'm just excited for either this time! Unlike you though I do not enjoy being pregnant, each one gets progressively worse and it takes way too much out of me. Although I love birth and raising them the 9 months of growing just isn't for me, unfortunatly.
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