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New Here! TTC 3rd Child... Hoping for a girl

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24-Jul-12 5:36 pm
Hello. My husband and I are trying to conceive our 3rd child... we already have 2 beautiful boys, so we are really wanting a girl this time. I have never officially planned a pregnancy before, our other 2 boys were surprises. I have been charting my temps and CM and have been taking OPK's. Today I got my first +OPK. The last time we BD was on Sunday afternoon. From what I have read about the Shettles method we should stop now and not BD again until next time if we are not successful this time. Anyone have any advice for me?

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2-Aug-12 2:19 pm
Hi sweetpea I am new as well but trying TTC a boy. Like you I never really planned my previous pregnancies. I reckon for me diet is very important. I would have lived on diet drinks, sugar free gum and low fat dairy. Also rarely ate red meat and ate a lot of wholemeal bread. Have changed my diet for last 3 months and am waiting so see if I get a BFP. You should also check out Biorythms. moon etc and see if there is any correlation for previous pregnancies.
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