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21-Jul-12 12:57 am

 Hello everyone. I just joined the forums, and would love any input from others who are also trying to conceive a girl. I already have two boys, and am not getting positive reviews from others regarding natural gender selection. Most think im nuts! But, after all of this research, I do know it is possible. However, I am 35, and just suffered an early miscarriage two months ago, so I am wondering if my swaying is going to affect me getting pregnant at all, much less with a girl baby. I have been doing the three to four day cut off, and not getting pregnant, so it is worrying me. Now, this diet is virtually impossible for me to follow, I will admit!! I have not been eating breakfast for a year now, I take florajen probiotics daily, calcium, cranberry, and folic acid supplements. I also am hypothyroid, so I have to take meds for that daily, plus vitamin D 5000 ius. I try to limit sodium, and eat tons of bagged corn with zero sodium, along with yogurt and yogurt smoothies . I worry about eating at fast food places, though! Sodium is not supposed to be eaten at alarge level, and one cheeseburger has 900 mg!! Wierd part is, I read somewhere that alot of fast food is acidifying, yet it is high in sodium!!! Hard to completely give it up unfortunately.. I have also resorted to caffeine free diet coke, and have lost 8lbs by walking nightly. Sorry for the long winded intro! I hope that some of you that have had girls, or who are actively trying as I am will have some great advice. My age does concern me for getting preg at all at this point, but maybe some of you are also in my boat. I look forward to hearing from you all.


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