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Anyone consider terminating?

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22-Jul-12 5:56 pm
I'm sorry but making such a decision based on all these scam tests is not a trustworthy way to go...if you feel that strongly y didn't u go high tech just end a life because of the sex???? Wow I'm blown away!!! I have 5 amazing sons and a daughter on the way an could never imagine basing a decision on tests that are not 1000% sure of gender ...heck even U/S have been miss read...this is so so sad too me...maybe cuz I have all these boys an I know how wonderful each one is or my hormones are going mad either way...think long and hard before you make such a definate decision based on the may give you nightmares always wondering if the test that was 95% right was 5% wrong...if only it were that easy to choose...and think of how you'll feel if it is your girl and u actually considered such an unbelievable act over her gender if the test r wrong....we have an amazing gift to give life and grow these little beings inside us...boy or girl we choose to become prego those unborn babies don't...FYI I read somewhere there is nothing in urine that can tell the sex of a fetus only guesses by your gender urine test was purple or blue was the gimic ...ya know what they said in great detail when it was purple..The test was inconclusive wow!! INCONCLUSIVE!! Your sons right it's a baby and that's exciting!!youd be taking away from them ..also this new baby could be somthing big in this world...Good luck to you and your unborn baby..I hope you have a healthy pregnancy that you enjoy...
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