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Anxious for Monday

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20-Jul-12 3:24 am
I have my gender scan on Monday and although I think I am at peace with the idea of another boy (in other words, I may be a wee bit disappointed but I won't be devastated), I am suffering so much anxiety over it. Eek! Really hoping I get to hear girl but pretty sure it's another boy.

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20-Jul-12 5:33 am

Good Luck Clover 

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22-Jul-12 4:51 am

Hello again Happy Smile

The waiting is the worst part, by far. In the weeks running up to my gender scans I spend hours and hours on sites like this and looking up statistics and nub pictures and just generally obsessing and thinking about it ALL the time. All the 'what-ifs' floating around and also the fear that the hope that is still there could be snatched away. Not a fun time, for me anyway!

I was too scared to find out the gender with my DD (and so the obsessing lasted the whole pregnancy, smart move on my part - not! haha) and waited until birth but this time I was desperate to know as having a boy would mean major re-changing of bedrooms etc and I just really wanted to know. I had such bad butterflies at the scan and the little monkey had her legs crossed and we couldn't tell at all!! We really couldn't afford it but I went behind DH's back and had a private gender scan done a week later, I just Could Not stand the suspense a second longer, told DH after and he rolled his eyes but then admitted that he'd hoped it was a girl so he didn't lose his study!!

I wish you the very best of luck on Monday, I know you will love whatever the baby is but I also know a little girl would be wonderful for you. Would you be planning on having any more after this one?

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