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i cant believe this - i am going to have my 3rd girl:( so numb and angry.

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19-Jul-12 3:18 am

i cant believe this - i am going to have my 3rd  girl:( so numb and angry.i only have 1 more chance maybe. had my gender ultrasound and i thought it looked like a boy...but tech said 95 % girl:(. i had to have an amnio  becasue of my age and results is baby is perfectly health but a girl. we had sex as close to ov as possible , i douched with baking soda and water and hour before sex and my hubby drank coffee half an hour before sex etc. i even got a boy result from 2 psychic but 1 said girl and got a boy result from best baby gender test. i dont know if i get another chance to give my husband a boy he craves. when i see a boy announcement or see a baby boy it kills me with sadness. i just want 1 healthy baby boy:(. i have looked at pgd but it isnt offered in australia which is wrong...but in thailand where will visit family yearly and will move soon but is not as reputable as america. i have been so angry since i heard i have broken thing slike air freshener and stuff. i try not to cry but it is so hard. there is NO reason why i cant have a boy and i want one asap

ps of course i love my daughters but damn life really likes to kick you in the ovaries doesnt it- i feel like dying right now but i would never attempt suicide i promise.

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19-Jul-12 6:51 am

i have 3 sons and prayed for our first to be a boy, then when he arrived i thought "wow all you have to do is wish real hard and you get the gender you want"! with our 3rd i wanted him to be the girl but nope! i just found out im pregnant at 42 and naturally want a girl since this really has to be my last...i'll be 100 years old with a baby!

with my 3rd i did find out the gender and was disappointed like you are now. how could i love a 3rd? i truly believed it had to be another gender otherwise i would not be as happy with him, would not love him as much as his brothers, this was going to be a disaster. well let me tell you the second i held him all those thoughts were gone in 2 seconds!! he is 5 now and i don't think i was ever this madly in love with the others, though my husband and family say i was. he is so gorgeous, i think god made him extra beautiful just so i would never ever wish he was anything else other than exactly who he is. bet you will be even more crazy about your 3rd as i am about mine. it's hard to imagine that could be true, but it will be. and then in a few years you can have your 4th and final Baby Bear Boy!!


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19-Jul-12 9:35 am
I'm sorry you didn't hear boy, kitten! (((((HUGS))))) I felt just like you when I found out at 20 weeks I was having DS3... totally devastated. Now he's almost 18 months old and the complete love of my life...there is something SO special about the 3rd boy or 3rd girl, I promise!!! It's always the hardest right after the ultrasound...give yourself some time to get used to and excited about another girl, it will happen with time. When she's born you won't want her to be anyone but who she is, just like your other two. I understand how you feel though- I feel like I have 1 more shot for a girl and that's hubby will probably not go for a 5th. I'm lucky he's considering a 4th...we won't be trying until next year most likely but I am scared of going through GD again. Not to mention my sister is pregnant and if she has a girl it'll kill me. :(

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I'm in no way "disappointed" that I have sons, I just want the chance to raise a daughter as well. Happy Wink

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19-Jul-12 10:26 am

 I'm so sorry Kitten,  I do know how you feel ...I was devastated when they said DD 4 was a girl...The people in the waiting room thought something was horribly wrong & yes in my mind it was..It was another girl!!  My DH to this day is so afraid of trying one more time as I am too.   I did try PDG well a fortune later here I am empty handed my dh bitter for all the money " I" spent for a DS that he's content & happy with his girls (I believe it too)...Just cause your gaurenteed a Boy doen't mean you will be gaurenteed a baby (I learned this the hard waySad).  Here I am out of option's and money and now I have been swaying since November ..It does give me hope and I do feel what is meant to be will be.  On a happier note...My little DD4 is such a blessing and I wouldn't change her for the world. She is the perfect fit in my family each girl has a sister to pair off withHappy Smile They are all so fact they would love another sister. My family is very unique and I am very lucky  & a dream come true for some..(my Dh family is all boy's). I assure you it will get better & once you hold that little baby girl you will know she is the perfect fit for your family as well & for what ever reason God wanted her to be in your family.  I wish you all the best and try to stay positive and focus on all the joy she will add to your livesHeartsHappy Smile

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19-Jul-12 11:25 am

 I'm so sorry you didn't hear boy.  I am in the same situation, I just had my third girl.  Once she's here, you will love her. It doesn't make the desire for a boy go away though, but it gets better. 


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19-Jul-12 12:02 pm
it will be better once she's here. congrats on 3 girls. 5 is even better!

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19-Jul-12 12:32 pm
I am sorry you didn't hear boy. The heart wants what the heart wants. I am sure your GD will get better with time. I know mine did. I am still not over it but by the time my daughter arrives, I am sure I will love her just as much as my other kids. Although if you want to go to Thailand, they do an amazing job. I went there for fertility treatment and they are pretty good.

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20-Jul-12 3:40 am

I am sorry that you did not hear 'boy'. If it makes you feel any better, I have 3 girls too.. In my country, very rarely people go for a third child these days and so I am already way over how many ever people are 'supposed' to have (considering people's mindset). I still am not feeling 'done' without a son.. :(  I had terrible GD when I learnt that DC3 was a girl.. But she is an absolute sweet heart.. I love her so much and am very grateful for her.. Time will heal.. Big hugs to you..

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20-Jul-12 5:01 am

thankyou all for your replys and support. it is still a bit too soon for me to accept my dd3 but i will soon i guess. i am not sure i have a 4th chance but i am hoping i will.

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20-Jul-12 5:05 am


needalil prince i am sorry pgd hadnt worked for you and you dont have your baby boy. how much didd you spend/times did you do pgd if you dont mind me asking. i know there is the danger of that happening and it scares me. i am not sure i even have a 4th chance let alone a chance to try pgd. i can only hope for one more chance

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20-Jul-12 7:53 am
I am so sorry. I can very well relate to you.. I have been through this 3-4 times already. Everytime I would feel 'surely its going to be a boy this time' and i am wrong again... I have wasted 15K on PGD also and nothing happened. Its really frustrating.. the only thing I can tell you is wait for the baby to be born and everything will be ok... you may want to try once again but remember its not in your hand..!! Good Luck ((HUGS))


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22-Jul-12 3:58 am

my husband is feeling sad too- almost in tears which is terribel

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22-Jul-12 5:00 am


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29-Jul-12 4:12 am

my husband and i are looking into pgd when the time is right. we will try for a 4th and that is it. i come here to express my deepest feelings and dont need anymore "reality"  i am not readyt o accept anything yet.

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31-Jul-12 6:43 pm
So sorry you are going through a hard time right now, but congrats on your baby girl. HugsHearts

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