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18-Jul-12 1:02 pm
how do i make my profile on here private. I don't want anyone seeing my profile without being a memeber or for anyone to look at up my email address and find me on here.....thanks! :)

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9-Aug-12 11:39 pm
No one should be able to get access to your email address unless you put it in your siggy or bio.

Here's information from Maureen under the "Help" tab to protect your privacy:

What about my privacy?

I consider your privacy (and mine) of the utmost importance.

The only personal information I will ever request from you is your email address, which is necessary to register. I will never share your email address with any other person. I will never send you spam.

You should also take care to guard your privacy. If you don't want people to know who you are, take care not use your real name or reveal other personal information in your posts or your profile, such as the city where you live.

The forum system allows other members to send you a private message or an email. Neither of these options reveals your email address to the sender. You may choose not to receive private messages or email from other members.

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