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Update !!!5 of same gender, please any guesses appreciated:)

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15-Jul-12 9:58 pm

Any guesses on number six?? Trying to be excited about full anatomy scan aug 2, and new fetal genetics test with my blood was done, just would like to relax and have fun with all the test going on-13+2


AFTER 5 girls, its a boy!!!! :)

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15-Jul-12 11:33 pm
No picture?

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15-Jul-12 11:51 pm
So sorry I keep getting an error page, it is on previous post, 3 different images, wish I could link it, I would love some feedback, I'll keep trying- think I just got one to post:)

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16-Jul-12 6:08 am
Leaning boy if what I think I'm seeing is the nub.

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16-Jul-12 7:49 am
I can't make out a clear nub. Any other pictures??

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16-Jul-12 9:38 pm
One more, Someone said wasn't a nub either:(. Think it's a very well endowed femur -Ty so much for the. Guesses, you made my day- I love looking at these pics, and seeing confirmations- never heard of this before

I love my half dozen!!:)

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16-Jul-12 9:41 pm
No nuB

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16-Jul-12 9:49 pm
:-( well you guys give me hope because I see the same gender, and two expecting the opposite!! Congrats, I'll just keep wishing, because this is definitely the last rodeo!
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