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the penultimate Chen Hao played into the last one.

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Hao Chen in his heart despise yourself, and then raised his head to do a lot of effort, "You said I won the game and I agreed to date." Then Hao Chen already has a calm heart and a fierce beating. This feeling he had never met.
"I have said to go back on it? I'm an honest and trustworthy people." Hilary Duff angrily said.
"Super rookie Chen dominate the game" - "New York Times
"Isiah generous - Chen - New York daily news
"New York guardian Chen" - "Today's News
 discount nfl jerseys We just need to Chen, "-" New York "
Nearly New York, a sports newspaper you can see the news of Chen Hao, Hao Chen seems overnight to completely become the darling of New York.

Thirty-first Knicks future
Updated 2012-6-12 14:38:09 Words: 2193

Hao Chen's first performance is good, but did not cause too much concern of the whole Union, it was only the New York area, media coverage of the Portland area a few, after all, the rich kids successors identity has been fired the value of all the media naturally would Hao Chen's concern about the decline.
Chen Hao is but is a good thing, after all, concern about the many natural opponents observations also have an impact on how much would Hao Chen to play.
And draft pick following the opener contribution to the quasi-two pairs to help the team win in today's back-to-back performance to a higher level to send a true two pairs of 10 points and 17 rebounds to help the team beat the Nets open season two in a row,
   nfl jerseys authentic including eight offensive rebounds Milwaukee man wreathed in smiles.
Victory over the Celtics of Hounikesi up and down the next morning returned to New York, they also have a day of precious rest time, only one day but for Hao Chen is a very valuable one day Hounikesi the new season, regular season first appearance at the arena at Madison Square Garden against the Washington Wizards.
And compared to the Knicks lineup, Washington odd Three Musketeers, led by extremely strong, and last year rounded out the Eastern Conference semifinals and sent away Larry Hughes got Caron Butler strength only increasing, not Less for the Knicks is undoubtedly a weak to strong.
Total Hao Chen of New York University journalism students sealed condition is one, when he saw the newspaper coverage of Chen Hao, and the domestic sports forum site did not mention the nationality of the Hao Chen and Hao Chen closure conditions in China, my mind flashed a trace of inspiration.
Chinese player Chen Hao New York is full of tempting headlines quickly climb in China's biggest basketball forum tiger appears, will soon be crazy reproduced, and the news of the last signature is a freelance writer closure conditions in New York exclusive coverage of the bottom of a small line of contact, one-time closure status of the phone to be the country's sports magazine newspaper ringing off the hook.
To know since Yao Ming settled in Houston after the identity of a draft pick, the enthusiasm of the people of the NBA are on the rise, and the minimal impact that people have forgotten the existence of Hao Chen Hao Chen to enter the draft, of course, more may Hao Chen people laughed at the domestic media in the past abandoned the concern on Chen Hao Hao Chen's news, and now again see a ready towards New York.
However, living in New York,
wholesale authentic jerseys Hao Chen apparently not aroused widespread concern in the country, his Chinese nationality is a masterpiece of his father Chen Haoyu, the entire Chen family in the United States have been six generations, while his father is a hundred percent ethnic Chinese but have a Chinese heart that Chen Hao born and Lin Mo arrived in China, Hao Chen gave birth in the country, and the next issue of nationality is a lot simpler, and he spent most of the Chinese officials like Hao Chen of Chinese nationality is completed, which is also CHEN Hao is the reason of the Chinese nationality.
After the end of the 4th before the training, Hao Chen returned to his own house, precisely, is to rent a house is also the team arranged to give him, not large but not small, especially close to the arena rent can be thought of conceivable, Isiah Thomas is human Hao Chen rent deduction of expenditure in the team, if it is Chen Hao rent Hao Chen can not bear.
November 4, Madison Square Garden in New York, New York time, 19:00, distance races, the start of half an hour outside the arena part of the audience after another approach that can accommodate 19,763 people in Madison have been nearly full .
Within the locker room of the home team the Knicks, Isiah Thomas in progress before the final speech: "I am not asking for too much, you only need to do is play the best we are the underdog, is a weak team. "Thomas's eyes swept every player," all eyes are weak teams, but we also beat Boston, no one requiring the underdog can only accept failure, failure is not terrible for us our self to give up, come on guys, terrible, nearly 20,000 fans to know that you are not afraid of hard work, better As for the results of victory, is not it? "
Hao Chen was placed in the final appearance, last appearance are usually the team leader of the core, Hao Chen is the penultimate and only the last one was in New York less Stephon Marbury, but this the game Marbury is still be excluded from the team list,
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the penultimate Chen Hao played into the last one.
Madison scene has never been a lot of big audience, but the most die-hard Knicks fans no doubt Spike Lee, the top director no special circumstances of each Knicks home games will be sitting on the scene today, naturally, without exception , he saw a newspaper wantonly description rookie Hao Chen so he wanted to see the rookie is not, as the media described it, it is also deliberately turned down at night dinner.
Hao Chen stand in the channel of the players, the eyes on both sides of the corridor glancing at a picture record of New York's former glory.
Site lighting, dark, the whole stadium into darkness, the visiting team the Washington Wizards players debuted in the soft sounds of live DJ, played with them for New York fans booed warm.