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Edit: Please would someone look And voice?

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15-Jul-12 4:47 pm

Hello Lady''s


Would you guys want to look at this movie?

My previous photos are from this video.

After i've watched the video again,i beginning to doubt whether that was the nub!!

I believe that the bove is a piece of the leg.

But i do not know for sure.

I would love it if you guys want to look again for meKiss

Sorry for my bad English.

Thanks lady''s and a fine day!!


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15-Jul-12 5:15 pm
This echo is also created during the nuchal scan. That is why it's all so fast and you should be good looking. I have the echo also filmed with a mobile hahaha Greets Melanie

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15-Jul-12 7:20 pm
Yep seen the nub several times Baby Bear Girl

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15-Jul-12 7:46 pm

 Looks like a Baby Bear Boy to me.


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15-Jul-12 7:52 pm

Oh, that is a tricky one!  I'm leaning slightly blue but there are times when the nub looked quite flat as well.  Please update when you confirm one way or the other.

I love my half dozen!!:)

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15-Jul-12 9:40 pm

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16-Jul-12 12:26 am
Here 3 sceenshots from your video The bottom photo the NUB seems to stand parallel to the end of the spine.


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16-Jul-12 1:20 am
At 3.32 you see a flat girl nub

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16-Jul-12 2:30 pm
Thanks for watching. I think also that it is itself a girl. Very funny, I also posted the movie in Netherlands. Everyone who said it was a boys nub,That it is a girl! There are still more nub experts who want to give their opinion? Greets Mel

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17-Jul-12 12:15 pm
still more people who like to watch please? I found it so exciting that I've already scheduled for Thursday an echo. I'll let you know if you guys have it right. Thanks

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17-Jul-12 4:35 pm
Wowww Bowling1997,Your signature is great! A now a baby boy emergence!!! I hope not that I should go for a baby girl so far hahaha. But it seems to me nice so a large family!

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17-Jul-12 4:37 pm
I think girl x

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17-Jul-12 4:50 pm

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18-Jul-12 2:52 pm

Hoi Melanie,

 Heb je mijn reactie gelezen in de Nederlandse topic? Zoals ik daar al schreef wilde ik niet irritant zijn maar dacht dat hij dan iedere keer weer vooraam kwam te staan waardoor andere mensen zouden reageren. Ik had dan ook 3 verschillende foto's geplaatst.
Ik zal geen topic meer openen :)

Ben benieuwd wat eruit komt bij je morgen! Op het filmpje lijkt het een meisje te zijn!

Ik moet nog wachten tot vrijdag maar iedereen zegt een jongen dus dan is er denk ik geen kans meer op een meid.

Gr Marlijn.

 Ps nogmaals excuses!

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19-Jul-12 12:27 pm
It's à GIRL!!!!!!!!!
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