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15-Jul-12 2:29 pm
First of. I would like to say I love my three boys. Am just desperate. I mean desperate for a girl or two. Am having to deal with feelings of inadequacy right now; like am I not good enough to conceive and birth a girl? Like what's wrong with me? My last is three right now and am so scared to try again, yet my mind keeps bugging me, three tries and yet no girl how's that? Can't contain the jealousy either seeing women with girls, I just can't, how do I get over these feelings?
Love my boys DS8 DS7 DS3, luv my niece, hoping and dreamin of a DD, but will be ok with another DS.....


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15-Jul-12 2:58 pm

 I feel the same way.  I am pregnant with #3 and I feel that this is a boy and I have the same things going through my mind as you.  Although I have to say certain things put it in perspective.  My older ds's best friend's mother is pg with her second after years of trying and two miscarriages.  She is scared to even be excited cause she's afraid she's just gonna lose it again.  She'd be thrilled to carry to term, boy or girl.  So I guess you have to look at things like that, I know it doesn't take it all away though.

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15-Jul-12 10:43 pm

 Hi farouza,

I have 3 boys and no girl. I hate myself for not being able to conceive a girl. I feel so inferior to women who have daughters. Im jealous and angry at myself and the world. I just dont get it. why is everybody else so lucky......even really bad women like for exampla asma al-assat. she is selfish and cruel yet out of 3 kids she has one daughter......I cant get over my feelings either. I have no advice......can only tell u that ur not alone. hugs.

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