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Dose it get easier during labour?mummies who gave birth more than 1 time naturally need help

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15-Jul-12 11:39 pm

 It sure did get easier for me!!! I have a similar story to yours, actually. My first was an emergency c-section after a full day of induced labor (I didn't dilate at all, though). The second I was planning an out-of-hospital vbac, after 38 hours of horrible pain, many hours stuck at about 5 or 6 cm without much progress.... I couldn't take it anymore. I went to the hospital for an epidural, but hit transition in the car and by the time the anesthesiologist could get there we could see the baby's head. Didn't get the epidural (I'm glad!), got my vbac, but still in the hospital, and the whole experience wasn't very fun (to say the least). It was satisfying though, to have a vbac. The third I decided to attempt to remain out of hospital again, went to the birthing suite at my midwives' clinic. It took seven hours of active labor, the first contraction was active labor, I started out at about 5cm. I can't say it was pain-free, but it was NOTHING I couldn't handle. Pretty easy. I was laughing and joking in between contractions even through transition! I pushed him out on two contractions in the bathtub, caught him myself and we spent ages bonding in the tub, it was amazing! Yes it hurt, but it was easy to handle. There wasn't a single contraction that felt like more than I could handle. That was NOT the case the other two times!!! It was way easier! I'm hoping it goes the same for you. My body knew what to do, I knew what to do, and my body and I worked together so well. I loved it! I'm really looking forward to doing it again.

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