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Dose it get easier during labour?mummies who gave birth more than 1 time naturally need help

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15-Jul-12 9:08 am

Hi girls

As my due date getting closer am finding my self s worried about labour pain, seriously did you girls fell it was easier to give birth naturally at your 2nd or third time. am 35 weeks now almost 36 and this is my third child i want to give birth naturally but am scared to death . fisrt time i gave birth after 17h of pain and 10cm dilated i had emergency c-section, 2nd time i took almost 7 hours and gave birth naturally but had 16 stiches they had to vacume the baby and this time my midwife been telling me it might get easier for me as its going to be my 2nd time giving birth naturally .....did you ladies fell better 2nd or third time around when you gave birth was it quicker to get ur baby out am planing to stay at hime as long as i can handle the pain first 2 times i didnt ask for any medication it was drug free lbour but this time am thinking of using epidural because the 3 childrn on mine seems to like sitting in posterior postion which makes my contraction stronger than the usuall ones and i take alot longer time to push the baby out what was your experince please help me .

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15-Jul-12 9:17 am
It is a little easier because you know what to expect! I found the actual delivery easier, but it didn't make the labour any more pleasant. It still hurt lol I have noticed they say it is a little quicker because your body knows what to do. I have had 4 natural births two without any medication and the two I chose not to get drugs were easier all over! It was quicker but then again I chose not to get the drugs because I didn't feel I needed too so maybe that had something too do with it. No two labours are the same or so they say , don't stress, every time is the same just when you think you can't handle any more baby is ready to crown, that's what I have noticed each time! Good luck.

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15-Jul-12 11:39 pm

 It sure did get easier for me!!! I have a similar story to yours, actually. My first was an emergency c-section after a full day of induced labor (I didn't dilate at all, though). The second I was planning an out-of-hospital vbac, after 38 hours of horrible pain, many hours stuck at about 5 or 6 cm without much progress.... I couldn't take it anymore. I went to the hospital for an epidural, but hit transition in the car and by the time the anesthesiologist could get there we could see the baby's head. Didn't get the epidural (I'm glad!), got my vbac, but still in the hospital, and the whole experience wasn't very fun (to say the least). It was satisfying though, to have a vbac. The third I decided to attempt to remain out of hospital again, went to the birthing suite at my midwives' clinic. It took seven hours of active labor, the first contraction was active labor, I started out at about 5cm. I can't say it was pain-free, but it was NOTHING I couldn't handle. Pretty easy. I was laughing and joking in between contractions even through transition! I pushed him out on two contractions in the bathtub, caught him myself and we spent ages bonding in the tub, it was amazing! Yes it hurt, but it was easy to handle. There wasn't a single contraction that felt like more than I could handle. That was NOT the case the other two times!!! It was way easier! I'm hoping it goes the same for you. My body knew what to do, I knew what to do, and my body and I worked together so well. I loved it! I'm really looking forward to doing it again.

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16-Jul-12 6:35 am

Thank you so much girls for sharing your beautiful birth stories with me it dose comfort me reading about other women's.

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18-Jul-12 11:11 pm
Labor can go faster but hurts more! I had no epidural with my first 2 and just couldn't do without it with my 3rd. My first labor was 4 hours, 2nd was 2 hours, 3rd was about 7 hours cause water broke and i didnt have contractions so had to be on pitocin. The 2nd and 3rd definitely hurt more! Don't mean to scare you but that's my experience. I am already convinced I am getting epidural this time. Good luck!

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19-Jul-12 3:36 pm

 My second was a natural birth but my first one wasn't.  My second one was much faster and easier to get out.  With my first I pushed for 2-3 hours.  With my second I got him out in three pushes.  I don't know if it's because it was natural or because it was my second but I'm betting on because it was my second.

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19-Jul-12 3:39 pm

 My first was natural with no pain releif and took 4 and a half hours. My second was natural no paid releif and 2 hours. It was more painful due to being induced but took half the time so cant complain really. Good luck and enjoy it.

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22-Jul-12 9:28 pm
It was 100 times worse for me the second time.. My first dd was induced early due to cholestasis, pitocin started at 5:30 am and I slept until 11, yes 11am when they checked me I was at a 6! I labored easily until 4 and then transition hit and labor became painful but certainly not unreadable. I felt the need to push at 6:10 and at 6:13 she was here! I swore I'd do it all over again, every nurse came through my room after I got moved to post partum suite and they told me the whole floor was talking about me!!! At 19 I was darn proud of myself!!!! Then dd2 was induced at 39 weeks by my choice. Now I'm not sure what caused all the pain but at just 22 weeks my pelvis separated and i kept telling my dr something wasn't right but it the sweet smile and the "all pregnancies are different". Well at an ultrasound not only was my cervix completely unseeable able and I had to have an internal u/s because yor cervix must be at least 3cm, which it was but that's how low she was, couldn't even see my cervix!!! Well that confirmed my pelvis situation. And there was absolutely nothing they could do. Well pitocin was started with her at 7am and by 9am I was crying, literally. I kept trying to breathe. It each contraction was taking my breath away and felt like my bones were about to break. At noon I was at an 8 and begged for an epidural. Luckily I work with one of the anesthesiologist on call and he came in said we never try these this late in the game but I've got something new we will try for you. Sitting up to let him try was absolutely horrid, I nearly passed out my pelvis hurt so bad. Well he tried 3 sticks and got it, I had relief, beautiful relief for exactly 10 minutes and it all came back full force, what was going on??? At 1:05 I had to push NOW and by 1:20 she was here, screaming and utterly perfect. All my pain was gone! So, are you wondering what happened to my epidural? Well this "new" thing he gave me was attached to a bolus, which means I'm supposed to push a button every 10 minutes similar to a morphine pump... And my nurse FORGOT to tell me!!!! So yea, all natural twice and I won't do it again. I know that's not what you wanted to hear but it was my experience. My dr swears the pain was from my pelvis and ligaments but who knows for sure!
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