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Progesterone levels

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15-Jul-12 10:15 am
Hi mallety, I hope FU helps your lp it does sound ahold and yes prog levels ca effect it. FU won't effect your prog but I'll reccomend add B6 to help lengthen before you add prog cream, you can begin using the cream the day after your attempt and through the tww, I don't reccomend using it everyday before you get pregnant because if you levels get too high it can act like BC. I use the progestrone only pill as my bc because I can not have te estrogen in normal bc. Also higher than normal prog can cause a girl friendly vaginal environment. I got two oopsie girls on the prgestrone only pill. Now my lfestyle and diet was girl friendly but still... I just would hate for you to begin prog cream and ten stop O'ing be ause your body thinks your pregnant already. I hope that helps you some!
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