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which cloth diapers do you recommend?

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15-Jul-12 4:00 pm

 For going out I use a smaller wetbag. I used to use ziploc bags, but then you either have to throw them away each time or wash them by hand, which is not fun. Wetbags are awesome. I would get two of them, so you have one available if the other is dirty. Make it a habbit to bring the wetbag of used diapers and empty it into the hanging wetbag (or diaper pail, whatever you end up using) as soon as you get home. I also use cloth  wipes. Using disposable wipes with cloth diapers is silly! You can still use a travel wipes container you store your cloth wipes, it works well. Or you can use a tiny wetbag for the cloth wipes (you can probably tell I'm a big fan of wetbags!). If you count through the day how many diapers you use in a day then you will know how many to pack in the diaper bag depending on the length of the outing. Cloth diapers take up more room than 'sposies, so you won't want to bring an endless supply.... sometimes with a newborn it's a good idea to have a few disposables in the diaper bag JUST in case.

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