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Swaying after tragic loss. Some questions.

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14-Jul-12 8:52 am
Hi there ladies, ( A little background and hello) I am from Australia, Sydney! I used to frequent this site often, but after my 3rd son was born and falling pregnant again quickly, but then losing my little boy at 19 weeks, I haven't visited. Alas I am back, all I can think about is being pregnant again, I am honestly so depressed right now and falling pregnant will give me something to obsess on instead of my loss. So I have naturally conceived 4 boys, only one swaying but it was a crappy sway. I honestly felt a massive need for a little girl but after the loss of my baby only 4 weeks ago! I honestly don't care what the gender is, as long as my baby comes home from the hospital alive and healthy . I couldn't give a hoot about weather or not it has a penis. It has really showed me what I want and I didn't even know I wanted it. In saying that we do have 3 boys so see no harm in swaying for a little girl, due to the fact we don't have one but would be 100% happy with a healthy baby of any gender even if it has both I don't care. The reason for swaying is to take my mind off my son, and we were going to sway before we had Thomas. I am not doing anything for a few weeks until we get the autopsy results and get my test results back and if everything is ok then try. I am one of the lucky ones, very lucky even with only half of my anatomy (one tube and ovary only) I seem to fall quiet easily. I have been preggers 6 times after I lost my tube, all in the first 3 months of trying and 2 wows. Seems I have a few angels