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Microsort stories please!!!

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18-Jul-12 3:27 pm

I did MS and IVF in Guadalajara Mexico this last month. I am now 6 weeks pregnant.  I guess I had a 95% girl sort and I will officially find out for sure if it's a girl  in a month when I do CVS.  I went through Instituto Vida and had Dr. Perez Luna.  I really have all good things to say about my experience.  The clinic was so nice and I loved the city.  It cost $4000 plus meds for the IVF with no hidden costs and this includes freezing embryos for a year.  The MS portion is $1200. I have not heard of anyone getting pregnant with just MS/IUI in a long time because of the reasons you stated above.  Good luck on your journey.

Congrats on your pregnancy!! Thanks so much for letting me know your story and I really hope you have a little girl on board! x
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