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Ugh sick of being sick an insensitive men RANT

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10-Jul-12 3:38 pm
So dh gets up for work this morning. As a wife does I got up b4 him got his clothes out placed them on the bed for him and made his lunch then woke him up..... Well he wanted to wear shorts so he got his shorts out and was trying to find his belt when he realized his friend still had his belt from when he lent it to him when they went out the other weekend... Well I dont know if this was out of him being tired ( as it was 4am) or what heathen asked me where all the belts were I explained to him that he had gotten rid of them all when we moved well dh decided that this was my fault and why the hell did I let him throw out all his belts except one and im ment to be a mum and wife and do every thing and hold down the fort.... Well sorry mate I've been trying my best over the last month and a bit while ive been feeling like I need to constantly throw up :( Just hurt when he said if u can't do a job properly and only half assed well ur pointless.....!!!! Gee heaven help this house hold if some thing ever happened to me how in the world would they all survive pfffftttt.... I'm sooooo sick of being sick............... Sorry rant over

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