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Genesis clinic, Cyprus

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29-Jul-12 5:46 pm
Hi Sarah, Thanks so much for your reply. Yes, the initial e,ail I got certainly said about family balancing for gender but then when I emailed to double check - because of something I read on another forum - I didn't get a reply. I can understand if it's not strictly "okay" though. I know what I want though so stuff the rules! I think I might see if I can have a phone consultation or something with them though..... We have had successful ivf in the past - all 3 cycles out of 3 worked but 2 of these ended in miscarriage but luckily our third was a success as we were treated with some additional medications which I pushed for. I have read some negative things about Dogus but I'm worried that we just won't be able to afford genesis. A lady contacted me about so e issues she had had with donors at Dogus so maybe it is 'better' to some extent if you are using your own eggs? I know I won't be happy going there though.