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Reality Check

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11-Jul-12 10:49 pm

Great post.

You are entitiled to your feelings, don't feel guilty, but you are right that at least we are much more lucky in the sense you mentioned b/c once tragedy strikes, the wound will never heal completely and that we should be greatful for healthy and thriving families b/c going through death, especially a young person is the worst thing ever (and GD is not even close to that for those who think it's bad enough). Though it's fine to have some gender desire or preference, I feel some posters are going overboard with gender obsession especially with petty and superficial things. They are real kids, not baby dolls you can imagine things with. And when reality kicks in, it does bring an eye opener. I took a walk through a cemetery with a coworker during a lunch break the other day and I ran across the grave of my dad's former coworker's daughter's grave. She unexpectantly drowned in a full crowded wading pool almost 8 years ago. She was only 22 months old back then and would have turned 10 years old this year if this tragedy never happened. Even if you never really knew the family well, hearing what they had to endure all of a sudden quite stings a lot, and makes you pray hard that you don't have to ever go through it. Looking at the grave of a 22 month old baby is disturbing enough.

 Congratulations on your baby boy or girl though!! I do hope the little bub fulfill your lives with love and fulfillment :)

 And chickfromaus, what you wrote for you son is amazing, and very inspiring for others :)

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