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Spring 2013 Due Date TTC Girl

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16-Jul-12 9:16 am

 Sorry to hear about unsupportive MIL's :(  I was worried about my mom a little bit since she really thinks that I have my hands full with the 3 boys.  However, I know she's a worrier too and I think it's more that than really disapproval of having more kids.  She's the only one other than my DH and kids who know.  She's loved being involved in my pregnancies and there for the births of my babies, so I think she'll get more excited about this one too.

 My MS has been a little better for the last few days as I've been really picky about choosing foods that actually sound good to eat.  A lot of things just seem gross to me right now.  Still tired, a little clumsy, very vivid dreams at night.  A week and a half until my 8 week appt and ultrasound :)  We're taking the kids to Disneyland for 3 days this weekend (my mom's coming too), so I'm really hoping that my nausea stays under control.  We're planning to go pretty slow, between my mom and my little guy, so I hope I won't be exhausted the whole time.

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