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Oh head is spinning!

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9-Jul-12 3:18 pm
So I just joined this site (although I lurked as a guest for a while) and my brain is gonna explode. How in the world will I do all the sway stuff? Which ones to use? Holy cow. I had no idea it was this intense! Oh, I am Ashlee. We are likely going to start trying for number three in September-October. I can't do a full sway of any kind as I will still be breastfeeding. Heck, I don't even know for sure if my period will be back regularly by then. But it's in the plans. And so I am not doing supps of any kind. But I can still alter my diet and pay attention to ph and timing. And moon signs. And ions. And there is that spinning feeling again. How do you ladies do it?
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10-Jul-12 1:39 am
I know its all a bit scary at first, but there is so much good advice on this site. Just read as much as you can,take notes on what swaying methods have worked. Then start working them into your life, timing of your cycle and diet are a good way to start. I'm hoping to sway blue august/ September this year. Good luck on your journey!x

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