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So angry at myself.

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10-Jul-12 1:50 am
i ask myself those questions too sabrine, why do other people get what they want when i dont? i have to shake my head to rid those thoughts, because i know its stupid and we get what we are given. still doesnt stop the questions from haunting me. :( I was feeling so good a few months ago and thought i was over gd... even had a good post about it.... but now i'm a miserable friggen mess again. I never had a sister to bond with, I ave never really bonded with my mum, and I struggleed to make female friends... maybe i'm a female repelent? blark.... I have lots of female friends in the most recent years, but i still struggle to "bond", and they see that.... I find it hard to get comfortable with other females. i dont know.... maybe thats why i will never have a girl.... i dont have the experience of having a female bond so i am simply not worthy.

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