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So angry at myself.

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9-Jul-12 6:25 am
it's stupid, one minute everthing hunky doorey. then jealousy strikes and i get so friggen cranky. I hate being jealos of people i care so much about, and i want the best for them. Just hurts. I'm sure some of you understand what im saying. GD sucks arse.... in the sense of gender desire. so stupid... i love what i have... i guess its like they say "the grass is greener".... in a sense i feel that way, but i dont want what they have exactly, i want my own... iykwim? not gunna happen, just here to vent and get it off my chest... i hate myself for being jealous of someone i care so much about, i'm really struggling to be positive and supportive because im being so bitter. arg. mean. need to get over myself and be happy for my beautiful beautiful friend.

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