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chinese gender prediction chart..was it right for you or is it just a myth?

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8-Jul-12 5:48 pm



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1-Aug-12 4:50 am
Ive tried every one i can find and they all say girl for me!! Ive posted scan pics but no clues so far so looks like im waiting till my 20wk scan to find out. What did yours predict and was it correct? x
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1-Aug-12 6:26 am
When I used my correct Chinese age and the lunar months it was right both times... Otherwise it was 50/50

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1-Aug-12 10:15 am
My problem with the chinese gender chart is that the one that makes you look up your chinese age/lunar month and all that jazz says one and the one that doesn't make you look all of that up says the other! Which did you use?

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1-Aug-12 12:20 pm
i tried a few and some were right and some were wrong.
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