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Anyone here used Dr Savvas - Cyprus IVF/PGD

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5-Jul-12 5:04 pm

If so would you mind telling me how many times it took you to achieve your bfp and roughly how much you paid.

From what i have read i think we could manage possibly 2 cycles so am wondering what my chances are and whether its worth it, really really want a dd and want to know i've given it my best shot but no point in spending money if still not really got a chance.

We have 3 boys (7, 4, 2) all conceived naturally without really trying, ds1 a whoopsie (but best mistake ever, we'd only just brought our house so at the time a little chaotic lol), ds2 first month before we were starting to try just by not being careful, ds3 1-2 day cut off first month of trying.  Me 30 (in aug), DH 33.  Anyone any idea realistically of our chances

 thank you so much for any advice


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10-Jul-12 5:39 am
I did. Now 15 weeks pregnant. You van read À few girls cycling with him now and a few girls already came back pregnant.

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27-Jul-12 4:35 pm


I got my bfp on my second attempt with Savvas at Genesis Cyprus.  I was 32 both times I cycled.;  (now aged 33, 11 weeks pg and have a 2 and 4 year old son both conceived first attempts).

First cycle costs roughly £7.5K alhtough its hard to say for sure as depends on your blood results and what meds he has to put you on.  He'll give you a quote if you ask him but that won't include meds.  they are usually another 1000 euros max.  Second cycle is always cheaper, maybe £4.5k.  you of course need to sort your holiday on top of this.  First time I did it on the cheap, flew easyjet cheapest flights poss, just me and DH, stayed in Limassol.  SEcond time had a family hol in paphos hired a car and although it cost us a lot more as a family holiday that was totally our choice.

I'd say it takes most people 2 attempts if you want the truth.  There aren't that many One Hit Wonders.  It's difficult to get your head aroudn the fact that you can be so fertile and conceive so naturally so quickly and IVF can fail but they say that the first time is often a trial run. 

Good luck!

Mum to two gorgeous boys, a sister for them would complete us!!

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12-Nov-12 10:54 am

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12-Nov-12 1:58 pm
First time I stayed at pissouri bay. Second time we stayed in Phapos in hotel/appartments sofiana and I liked it much more. It's less then an hour drive from the clinic but defenetly a vacation place! Phapos is the nearest airport near the clinic.
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