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How to move on

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3-Aug-12 9:02 pm
I don't think I'm 100 or even 50% ok with not having more but it's what is best for me family. Financially we would be fine, and our house is big enough and my time would be split well because I'll be staying home once dc3 is here, but for me I have lowsy pregnancies and I don't enjoy them, they are 9 long, hard months that consist of me laid up on the couch with zero patience, horrid awful headaches, nausea, a bad pelvis that separates and has done it sooner with each pregnancy. I know 9 months doesn't sound like all that long considering I'm fine after birth, but I have a slight heart condition and it's one that ca be passed to my children in utero if they happen to be female, and I have 2 daughters and I'm two times lucky they don't have it, I simply can't risk putting stress on my own heart, passing something to my potential daughter, and being miserable and not a good mom to my kids for 9 months. So, as hard as it is to know I'm still young and won't have more children I just think about pregnancy and that's almost enough to scare me completely but I'd it doesn't work I think that so far I've never had to tell my dd1 no, dd2 isn't old enough yet but I know I won't have to for her either... Now I'm not saying I never say no cause I'm a mean mama lol, but I don't HAVE to say no ie: cause I don't have money for gymnastics or tball or ballet etc but I know after #3 gets to say 4 or 5 she/he will want to do something or other dd2 will be 5/6 and will likely be involved in something as will dd1 who will be about 10.. I don't want to have to start saying no because I don't have time to take you all to different places etc... Like another poster said I want to be able to let all my kids do events and for me to be there with them all. That's what helps me move on!U
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