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is hummus ok on boy diet?

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4-Jul-12 7:00 am
I love hummus and eat it with celery, potato chips etc but it says on here it may contain tahini which sways girl is this right?

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4-Jul-12 11:05 am

I love homous too but have had to give it up because its very girl - sorry x

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4-Jul-12 11:16 am
Oh no! Seems like everything I love sways girl- no wonder I have two girls already :) thanks for letting me know x

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5-Jul-12 2:56 am
I don't think hummus is girl friendly, its loaded with garlic which sways boy.....tahini is on the girl diet, but that is made with sesame, and I don't know of any hummus that contains tahini? Not too sure sorry, maybe Tamara will be able to answer you better.... Gl!

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5-Jul-12 4:15 am
If tahini is the is the only problem then u could make it urself and substitute it with a small amt of salted cashews yuuuumm!!! So chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and cashews all blended up, u could add paprika too if u like. Maybe not too often as cashews have magnesium In them. Or maybe see what its like without tahini/cashews. Use some Dutch carrots to dip...perfect.

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