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who's period is due july 15th and when you planning to test?

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20-Jul-12 11:49 am

This may be just what you need islandmeadow. I have a friend who did clomid after she tried for 8 months to get pregnant on her own. She swears by it and she only had one child each time. :) Her second time using clomid she got pregnant the first month she used it! Hope you get your BFP next month! Overall, I am glad your doctor didn't just blow you off and is doing something about it! Pedsrn-I'm so sorry AF came. The spotting and stopping and then AF coming has happened to me a few times. It is so frustrating. :( Bleushell-I'm so excited for you! Your appointment is only a few weeks away! I can't wait to hear about it :) Here's to next month for all of us!


My fingers are crossed that it will work and I was relieved to hear that he didn't think I was having any health issues, like cancer.  With the way my periods have been lately, I've been scared, but he says the symptoms line up perfectly with annovulation.  

 Something funny, after the appointment, I  began to really look into when my due date would be if I conceived in certain months because  I really would prefer a spring/ summer baby as I just am generally down in the dumps in the winter and adding post partum hormones does not help (I learned that with ds1!)  Anyway, I confirmed that my ds2 was most likely conceived on mine and dh's anniversary!  I have thought that all along, but never looked seriously into it since my periods are so irregular and it is so hard to tell when I ovulate.