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Place Names ~ What are your favorites?

I love my boys!

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2-Jul-12 3:24 pm

Regardless of popularity and not to say that you would name your child the name you list, but  just for fun, what are your favorite place names for boys & girls?


I like 










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2-Jul-12 3:26 pm

 aspen i love...i like eden as well


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3-Jul-12 3:07 pm

I like

Camden (a city in my state)

And that is all that comes to mind at the moment :)

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3-Jul-12 3:54 pm
Austin, Savannah, and Ireland are my favs. Austin is actually one of my ds' middle names, though :)

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3-Jul-12 9:12 pm
Camden, Denver, Dallas, Boston for boys. Brooklyn, Aspen, Victoria for girls
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6-Jul-12 11:34 pm

Of the ones already listed I like Aspen, Paris and Ireland... I also likeLondon and Cairo (once dated an Egyptian guy and had we gotten married with kids we would have named a son Cairo). Great thread idea!

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