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Grrr.. Daddy don't like the name anymore.. Any new suggestions?

I love my boys!

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2-Jul-12 1:02 pm

 Well, if he likes common and you like unique, maybe you guys can take a common name and just change it up a bit.


Names like:

Brenden Curtis Witt (instead of Brandon)

Camden Shane Witt  (instead of Cameron)

Caden Shane Witt (instead of Aiden)

Cason Shane Witt (instead of Mason)

Grayson Curtis Witt (instead of Jason)  nn Gray = really cute IMO :)

Everett Curtis Witt (instead of Emmett)


Just some ideas. 

I like all your possible  name choices.  I would stay away from Noah, though.  Unless it's the only name you and dh can agree on, then I would make sure you talked to your bf and let her know the reasoning for you choosing the name.