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Moms of all one gender- maternal age poll

I love my boys!

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30-Jun-12 10:31 pm

 I was just curious if there is a correlation between maternal age and gender makeup.  It seems to me that most of the families I know IRL that have all one gender had their children in their 20s, whereas 'older' mom's who conceived most of their children in their 30s are more likely to have mixed gender.  This is just something I have noticed in my area.  I was wondering if anyone else has noticed the same thing and curious if it holds true here as well. 



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30-Jun-12 10:39 pm
I didn't vote because I am having a boy in October, but my 3 daughters were all conceived and born in my 20's. My son was conceived a few weeks after I turned 30.

I love my boys!

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30-Jun-12 10:40 pm


I didn't vote because I am having a boy in October, but my 3 daughters were all conceived and born in my 20's. My son was conceived a few weeks after I turned 30.


I think it's interesting that had you stopped, you would have fit into my little theory quite well :)  




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30-Jun-12 10:55 pm
mine were both. i had the first 3 girls in my 20's. dd4 was conceived on my 30th birthday. my oldest is only 11 so in 10 years i had nothing but girls but by the 11th year i got my boy.

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30-Jun-12 11:01 pm
Hmmm had one boy in my late 20's and now the other is do and I am in my early 30's
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30-Jun-12 11:10 pm
conceived my son at 22 and daughter at 26, so wrong for me.

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30-Jun-12 11:23 pm
DS1-27 DS2-30 DD-37

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30-Jun-12 11:57 pm

 My first two boys were in my 20s and my last two boys were conceived in my 30s .. so it's 50/50 for me.

I voted for other. Lol    Happy Smile


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1-Jul-12 12:33 am
I conceived my first boy at 29 and then my second boy at 32 and girl at 34 so mostly 30's and mixed genders.
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1-Jul-12 1:37 am
2 boys in my 20's than 1 boy in my 30's and now pregnant with 4 but won't know til dec. HTH

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1-Jul-12 2:37 am

DS1- 32

DS2- 35

DD- 37

In my circle of friends, we are all in our 30's and all had boys, save for my DD. My sister was 32 when she had her DS.

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1-Jul-12 4:06 am
I think I fit this theory well,, 2 boys in my 20's and pp in my 30's :))
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1-Jul-12 6:57 am

I don't have all one gender, but thought I'd throw out that I had a boy and girl 18 mos  apart in my twenties, and then a boy and girl in my thirties.  I really think gender is just ultimately 50/50 anyway you look at it.

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1-Jul-12 7:06 am
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1-Jul-12 7:46 am

DS- 25





I have heard that the chances of conceiving a girl increase as both parents get older....that would ring true for us!Happy

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