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12 week scan- boy or girl???UPDATE- one week till anatomy scan CW,CC, Lovemy4 what are odds of heari

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29-Jun-12 9:28 am

Hello everyone! This is a picture of my 12w6d scan. Any guesses on boy or girl? Would love to know what everyone thinks. Thanks!

Ultrasound Gender Prediction
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29-Jun-12 10:28 am

#5 coming July 2015 ?

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29-Jun-12 10:35 am

 Baby Bear Girl


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29-Jun-12 11:55 am

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29-Jun-12 12:07 pm


I love my half dozen!!:)

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29-Jun-12 1:54 pm

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29-Jun-12 2:22 pm


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29-Jun-12 2:26 pm
she's all girl !!!
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29-Jun-12 7:56 pm
Thanks everyone! We have 4 boys and 2 girls right now but the last 3 are boys so kinda hoping for a little girl for the last one:) Any more guesses?

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29-Jun-12 11:53 pm
Looks very, very girly!!!

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30-Jun-12 3:28 am
Girl x
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30-Jun-12 3:41 am
girl xxx
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30-Jun-12 6:06 am

girly girl

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30-Jun-12 8:46 am
Looks very girly.

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22-Jul-12 8:20 am
One more week!! What do you think the odds are of hearing girl at our anatomy scan? Would love to know what the techs think! Thanks so much in advance
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