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Help me choose a boy's name, thanks!!

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1-Jul-12 4:59 pm
If you don't want their names shortened then don't allow it. My dd1 is Adysen and I made it very clear I will NOT have her called Ady! Complete strangers have asked what's her name and I say Adysen, they say oh hi Ady and I say, no her name is Adysen. Lol! I just do not like it! I also hate when people think they can Nn your kid! My name is Melissa and my mom did the same thing when people called me Missy and no one ever did! My dd2 is Baylor and its hard to shorten her name, but my dd1 calls her baby Stella. Don't ask me why cause it's no where even a little bit close but it's just a sweet thing she does woth her sister, it's baby Stella! Haha!
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