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Failed GIRL sway, does it really work?


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27-Jun-12 10:15 pm
I haven't been on hear for quite a while but thought I'd come back. I just found out I'm having a girl in Nov after 5 boys and 1 girl. My last 3 were boys and I was going to try to sway. I fully believe Ph is the main contributing factor. Last Nov I used a store bought vinegar douche about 3 times and then my husband said he didn't really want to try for another one right now. In Feb without trying I became pregnant. I was so certain it was going to be another boy but during my ultrasound was overjoyed to learn I was having a girl. I don't know if the douching in Nov was the reason. I believe it was and my body hadn't returned to it's normal Ph level yet when I got pregnant. If it wasn't the douching then it was just pure luck cause my body was meant to have boys and I wish that same luck on evryone else trying for a certain gender. I have felt the dissapointment but also the joy and I wish the best for you=)

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