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I would be so very grateful. Please...Please!! Coldwater, Charliecats, any Techs who will please hav

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27-Jun-12 5:08 am

Hugs Violet  Hi. Please can anyone guess  Boy or Girl? Its my 12 weeks Scan. Already have 3 boys...would love to know what you all think.... Thanks a lot. Heart

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27-Jun-12 5:11 am
Leaning boy, but not sure.

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27-Jun-12 10:23 am

 Thank you Hugs Violet xxx


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27-Jun-12 10:28 am

 I think I see a hint of a girly nub pointing out straight.. I am gonna lean pink on this one.. I feel the bump on top is part of the leg.

Good Luck!  Good Luck Clover


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27-Jun-12 10:30 am
Can see two nubs. If the upper one is part of the leg I'm guessing pink because the angle of the lower nub is more straight.

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27-Jun-12 5:16 pm

 Thank you all..Hugs Butterfly .......Would anyone else like to guess??

Also how do you tell gender by the babys "Skull Shape"??


Thank you xxx Heart



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27-Jun-12 6:14 pm

 Thinking more girl... GL !

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28-Jun-12 4:17 am

 Thank you

....any more guesses would be appreciated ...........................Thank you.Love Ya!

.Id love to know how you tell by the shape of the babys head??

 xxxHugs Violet


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28-Jun-12 6:36 am
Slight boy lean, good luck!

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28-Jun-12 7:21 am

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28-Jun-12 7:32 am
girl xxx
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28-Jun-12 8:36 am

 Hugs Violet Thank you ladies.....Please does any one else want to guess??? Its very exciting Happy Smile




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28-Jun-12 10:03 am
Boy. GL

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28-Jun-12 11:44 am
Leaning boy...but hope am wrong and you get your girl.

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29-Jun-12 2:29 am

 Thank you  I appreciate your comments.....anyone else like to guess?? Id love it to be  girl but I am happy with a healthy babe no matter what Heart




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