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UPDATE!!! Only For Those With Good Advice!!! Please No Rude Comments!!

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25-Jun-12 4:12 pm
I've been reading through alot of posts and have seen some people given rude comments. Im posting for advice and for support. So please if you dont have anything positive to say please don't respond. I was here before, as I was going through a miscarriage. That was about 4 weeks ago. I miscarried naturally, and didn't need a d&c. When I went for a check up a day after I had stopped bleeding, my doc told me that my cervix is closed. A week after that me and my dh were together. What I wanted to know is how long after a miscarriage do you get your period? And is it possible to become pregnant again? I know that I should be grieving before I try again but I needed closure and right now I am excited to become pregnant again, but also nervous b/c of ... Just last week I start going to the bathroom frequently. I would have just gone 10mins ago n will need to go again. and I've been very fatigued. Do you guys think I might be?. I know it would be too early to take a pt. And do you also think I may be rushing it? Really would like To hear your advice. As my mind and heart are going crazy...

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25-Jun-12 4:23 pm
Hi, sorry to read about your loss.. I too suffered a miscarriage at 7 weeks followed by a D&C, I was told to wait a period before trying and that i absolutely could become pregnant straight after the loss without even a period etc.. I know it's hard not knowing but there is a strong chance you may have conceived. When can you test? Hope the outcome is what you want x
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25-Jun-12 4:46 pm

First off, big hugs to you- you've been through a lot.

People have lots of ways of grieving and moving on. I've never had a miscarriage before but my sister had one, and her first thoughts after were that she wanted to be pregnant again. She was very sad about her lost baby but she felt like she wouldn't be able to move on until she was pregnant again. Some people need time before they can move on and some are like you and my sister, they want to be pregnant. Neither is wrong, so don't beat yourself up.

I would guess that as soon as your hormones are back to normal you could get pregnant. Not sure how long this takes but perhaps since your cervix is closed you could get pregnant.

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25-Jun-12 6:02 pm

I am not sure how much help i am...but I found out i was pregnant in November...never got a chance to go to dr to confirm i was in denial for a bit by the time i set an appt up. the time my apt came...i started bleeding heavy..that was the beginging of decemeber...i never went in..should of..i was just too stressed and depressed and wasnt sure what to think...i didnt want to be pregnant but i didnt want to lose it either...anyways...about feb i realized i hadnt gotten a period..i had one bleeding but wasnt sure what to consider it as i knew i first i told myself im just irregular now cuz the miscarriage...well march hit...and by the end of march i decided well i should take a test but i bet its cuz of my stress...i also had all the symptoms but I thought stress..(Major Denial)...anyways...i ended up with a bfp right then i got worried that i was still pregnant and that i never fully i said ishould of went in..i have a history of multiples and losing for the longest time not only did i have no idea how far i was..but i had three due dates and couldnt get a dr to see me because i was possibly too far for their liking...what knd of exscuse is that...and i had no insurance and needed money up front wasnt until i was 12 weeks that i finally got in and got a scan...only to find out that I was not pregnant as far back as november but i was pregnant since right after my it is possible..this baby is very healthy..I have not been tho...severe morning sickness resulting in a lot of hospital stays literally starving and dehydrated all the time....this pregnancy has been so hard and i really think it was because one i had a baby a yr ago literally i concieved like two days after his first bday and two i had a miscarriage right before my recomendation would be to give it a month to heal..our bodies can only handle so much...apparently mine just cant handle this...the baby is healthy so that is good but it has been such a rough pregnancy for me that i still wish i much as i love this baby...this has been the worst for me...and ts my last...i guess thats good its been so bad on me because it will help me remember why it is my last lol....

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25-Jun-12 6:08 pm

 OO and to be completly honest...ive never told anyone this...but with the miscarriage...i did want to be...just...i was just scared i think...idk...because deep down i was thinking oo i want to try..i thnk it was financially what was making me so upset..we were doing bad at that time and so was our relationship and i was so stressed and depressed and i didnt know what to be honest again...this much as i wasnt wanting one now...deep down i had a few thoughts of trying to plan for first i started trying to learn bout my ovulation to try and avoid getting pregnant without all the hormones because I cant do them...i just cant handle them...but once i started understanding it I noticed that if we concieved that month the baby would be born not only durng my fave month..but my fave day...I thought i was avoiding my vulnerable days...but i think if i am honest...i knew all along what i was doing was going to get me part of me wanted to be...the other part not so much because i really wanted a girl and wanted to plan this last baby and try hard for a girl lol..but i am being honest...i think it had a lot to do with the miscarriage...i havent been able to admit it until now...but i really do think i after losing the baby i wanted another one...but i was scared...and i think deep down i knew what i was doing because i wanted another one but I also convinced myself that I wasnt pregnant...i wont get pregnant..and i dont want to be..its a very torn feeling...just like this is right now that it might be another boy and i always wanted a girl....its torn...I love this baby and love it even as a boy...but i want a girl so bad i will still be sad...

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25-Jun-12 6:09 pm

I am so sorry for your loss! I don't think anyone would judge you for that. What you are feeling is normal.

I got pregnant with my 2nd son right after a miscarriage.  I didn't even have another period.


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25-Jun-12 6:12 pm

I'm so sorry for your loss.  I had a m/c after my second son and before my daughter. I actually never had my period in between. I found out I was miscarrying very early and had the heavy bright red spotting during the m/c. 17 days after I finished with the bleeding I felt ovulation pain. I tested with an OPK and sure enough, it was positive. My husband and I discussed it and we decided to try. 10 days after ovulation my hpt was positive and I was pregnant with my daughter. It is very possible to get pregnant quickly after a m/c and, in fact, I've heard that your fertility is higher right after because of the levels of hormones in your body. 

As far as if it's too soon, only you know that. Some people prefer to wait but I am one who did not. I mourned the baby I lost and I still do, but I knew I was ready to try again. Waiting to try was not going to bring back the baby I lost and we had already been trying for 5 months before I lost the baby. I would definitely take a test if I were you. Like I said, it was only 3-4 weeks after my m/c that I had a + hpt with my rainbow baby.

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25-Jun-12 6:32 pm
Thank you guys so much for your responses... Its only been a week or so I started feeling this way, so Im gunna give it anotha week or so before I take a test which has me going crazy, but it might be too soon (I figured)...

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25-Jun-12 6:41 pm
fx for you hun. i remember you from your other post. i hope this is your happy ending. i wish i had some advice but it took me abut 4-6 months to conceive after my m/c's. i just wanted you to know i was thinking about you and i hope you get your bfp sticky blue bean soon. i understand how scary it can be to conceive after a mc after my daughter died i was terrified but i truly understand the term "rainbow baby" now. she really did help heal my heart.

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25-Jun-12 6:55 pm

 what is a rainbow baby???? sorry feel dumb for asking but i just dont understand??

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25-Jun-12 7:18 pm
Lillith- Rainbow baby describes the beauty after a storm. After a terrible shower and darkness you get a beUtiful rainbow, a happy ending, the silver lining out f the darkness. **** to the op- I caught pregnant straight away. I had a mc in feb, then again in march, now I'm pregnant again and so far this baby has stuck. It is possible!!!! Big hugs!!!
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25-Jun-12 7:22 pm

 well like i said i did miscarry then boom i was pregnant again so its possible and i guess i understand what a rainbow baby is...i just hope its true because this has been one hell of a storm...both th mc and this pregnancy and now the gd...i never experienced gd until this baby..and its awful..i did tiny bit with my last but was more happy that i had a surviving twin..and knew that if it wasnt a girl i could always try again...and the surprise was beautiful as well..but this one is my last and i just cant let it go as much as i need it to be healthy which it has been so far...I want a girl just as bad...but ive been working on it so i hope when HE or She arrives..ill be just as happy as i was with my first and second..

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25-Jun-12 7:50 pm
Thx soo much babybleux32...

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25-Jun-12 7:51 pm
When I M/C naturally my OB said I could start TTC right away. It took us 5 months to get a BFP.

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26-Jun-12 10:05 am
You are actually really fertile after a miscarriage. I think the doctors only recommend having a period (if it is an early miscarriage) for dating purposes (the same thing they do if you come off the pill). I came off the implant to TTC. I got pregnant, lost the baby early. Pregnant again straight away. Another very early miscarriage. And then pregnant the very next cycle again and this baby stuck. He is now 9 months old and as healthy as can be. My losses were very early but I always wanted to be pregnant again as soon as possible.
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