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I just don't understand....


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23-Jun-12 8:06 pm

if you have to have a girl that badly i wouldn't risk it. go ht or adoption. you might end up with 7 or 8 boys. i heard girl 7 times so far despite swaying.

   on the other hand as a mom with a house full of girl i won't lie having a daughter is wonderful just like having a son is. now that i have both i can honestly say i don't see a difference. the dress's are cute and yes i love the little headbands but babies pull them out. so they don't stay in for very long. yes dresses are cute but babies can't crawl in them then baby falls on her face and scratches herself then you have that cute baby with the black eye and everyone stares at you like you punched her in the face. mine walks now but i won't put her in dresses because she rips off her diaper and plays with whatever is in there. then you have that stinky/gross baby who eats her own poop. and again people look at you funny. right now my oldest is 12 and we are going through pre-teen drama. im telling you, i love her but everything is ticking her off, we all live on eggshells right now. so yes they are cute and girly from 2-5. at 5 they start putting frogs in their pockets and making bug habitats. my 2 year old is a ninja ballerina she tells me. she put on a tutu and a huge bow but she runs around and says Hi -ya! and ninja kicks us. not much of a difference from boys i would guess. good luck with whatever you decide and congrats on your new baby!

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